Who we are

We are a Corporate Group which englobes two companies, they are Translomed Levante and TLM Operadores. The two companies work in the international transportation, logistics and distribution area of freight transportation by road, our supply chains covers almost every country in the European Union.


In 2008, begins our activity, our history, when Pedro J. Rocamora created Translomed S.L, our first company.

Who we are Translomed S.L is a transport, logistics and distribution operator, working in the area of international freight transportation by road. The 14 years experience of Pedro J. Rocamora, as a Sales Director in a well-known transport and logistics company, had a special value and contribution for the development of Translomed S.l, mainly in the quality of our services and bringing a precious customer portfolio. Our customers came from distinct areas such as Shoes, Rubber, Paper Industry, Industry and Multinacional Toy companies, they are a reference who certifies the quality standards of our services.

In the year of 2010, keeping our values and maintaining our entrepreneurial spirit, we acquired a small logistics and transportation company with the aim of conquer new markets and increase our business volume. And so was established TLM Operadores, a logistic and transportation company who bring us the potencial needed to reach new European markets and as a result the diversification of our operational markets. Stepping into this new markets give us the possibility to partner up with new and important customers, like big companies from the Aluminium area.

The growth and development of our group in a such short of time is remarkable and that's due to the quality service we supply to our customers. This quality service gave us the possibility to take charge of the logistics and distribution of an important number of our main customers.

Who we are With the same guideline of work and strategy, Translomed S.L and TLM Operadores are maintaining their sustainable growth, where they already operate with expertise in so distint countries like Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Portugal and Spain. This growth features a daily effort, relying on a great human and technique team and also on giving a fast answer to customers needs. On top of all, the aim is to supply a global service, with effective logistics solutions and adapted to customers.

Our mission:

Ensure excellence to customers in the service supplied and in the management of freight transportation by road. Manage our Know-How, in the logistics and transportation area, with the aim on being business partners of our customers.

Our vision:

Together with our expertise team and with their precious Know-How, we aim to be a reference in the area of International Freight Transportation by Road. We aspire to fulfil all the daily and future needs of all customers and business partners. We intend to accomplish this ambition with our experience and dedication as well our commitment and ponctuality.

Our values:

Who we are » Experience: We hold a large path in this sector, in which support our decisions. Our companies have qualified personnel with knowledge and practise in international traffic management with Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Portugal and Spain.
» Commitment: 365 days working to and for our customers, their commitment it's our commitment.
» Ponctuality: Take on responsability and respect with the customers schedules and deadlines is a duty to us.
» Organization: The Group's companies are oriented for the efficiency of our services. We have at our disposal the human and technical resources as well the partnerships needed to answer the customers needs in different countries. Our fleet is outfitted with the last GPS Tracking Systems.
» Quality: As we are detail oriented, we're always trying to increase value and quality to our services.
» Adaptation: At all times we adapt to our customers' needs, trying day by day improving the services requested.
» Information: We do have the lastest tecnologies needed to manage and to keep updated our customers about the location of their freight.